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Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family from the Monett R-1 School District Family! Have a safe and happy holiday!
District Announcements
Annual Health Fair at the MIS/MMS FEMA Building next Monday, November 30th:
Reminder to all faculty and staff:

You have until midnight November 28th to register!

To view instructions for scheduling your HRA screening:

Reminder of No School Days:
Monett R-1 will not be having classes Wednesday - Friday, November 25th - 27th for Thanksgiving break and Monday, November 30th for teacher professional development day.
Classes will resume Tuesday, December 1st!

Welcome to Monett Elementary School
Students of the Week 11-16-15

Responsible students were selected at Monett Elementary on November 16, 2015. The following were named Students of the Week:

Front Row: Emmery Nestleroad, Grace Maylee and Andrea Villa
Back row: Emery McMillian, Leonardo Sanchez, Michelle Baidon and Braden Cendroski

Absent from photo: Luis Silva

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Cub Pride - October 16, 2015

     Throughout the year, teachers learn about their students’ growth through both formal and informal assessments.  One assessment that all teachers use at MES is the DRA-2 (Developmental Reading Assessment, 2nd Edition).  This assessment is given individually to each student.  The teachers have an opportunity to get to know their students as readers during these mini-reading dates.  This one-on-one time is valuable for building relationships and learning about each child’s different needs and interests.
      The DRA measures three areas of reading – reading engagement, accuracy and fluency, as well as comprehension.
  • Reading engagement includes the students’ attitudes towards reading.  Your children will be asked about their favorite book, if they like to read alone, with a buddy or in a group, and whom they read with at home.  Learning how a child views learning can help his/her, and what interests them gives the teachers valuable information when planning small group reading lessons.  
  • Reading fluency and accuracy is also assessed.  As students read the passage, the teachers time them and mark any errors.  Teachers make notes of how students read - word by word, in phrases, and pauses reflected by punctuation marks. 
  •  Comprehension is a critical component to reading.  By asking the child to retell the main events in the story, make connections with the characters and text, and understand why the author wrote the story, the teachers will be able to identify if the reader understands what he/she read.  Students have an opportunity to reflect on the story and make self-to-text or text-to-text connections.   
            The table below shows the typical or average range a student may score depending on his/her grade level and time of year.  The classroom teacher will create an appropriate learning plan for each child based on individual needs. If a child is reading at or above grade level, specific lessons and opportunities for growth are developed.  On the other hand, if a child is performing below grade level in an area, specific instruction is provided in that area as well.  Information regarding your child’s performance on this assessment is recorded on the grade card, and teachers will share this information during parent-teacher conferences.
Grade Level Beginning of Year Middle of Year End of Year
Kindergarten Not given at this time A, 1, or 2 3 or 4
First Grade 4, 6 8, 10, or 12 14 or 16
Second Grade 14 or 16 18 or 20 24 or 28
     First and second grade teachers administered the test to students this fall.  Eighty-one percent of first grade students were at or above grade level, and seventy-five percent of second graders were at or above grade level at the beginning of the year.  Each year Monett Elementary School continues to grow in the area of reading.  As a building, we focus our own learning on how to meet each child’s need.  Teachers strive to provide personalized lessons that promote academic growth for all students.
     Parents can make a difference in a child’s reading ability by spending time reading with him/her.  Reading with your child is a wonderful way to build his/her vocabulary and enhance his/her reading skills.  Bedtime rituals that include reading together foster these skills.  This can be a special time at the end of the day for you and your child. 
Peter Gorski, M.D., chair of the early childhood committee of the American Academy of Pediatrics, states "More than anything, you want him to associate reading with emotional warmth and fun," he says. 


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Grade Levels: Pre-K - 2nd
Susie Gasser, Principal (sgasser@g-apps.monett.k12.mo.us)
Sarah Garner, Asst. Principal (sgarner@g-apps.monett.k12.mo.us)
601 Learning Lane  
Monett, MO  65708
Office Hours: 7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Instructional School Day: 8:05 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
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