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New Teacher Induction Days 2016 and Back to School 2016 Schedules:
Welcome to Monett Elementary School
Cub Pride - May 6, 2016

Project LINC
Learning in Neighborhood Communities

     Exciting change is coming to MES for the 2016-17 school year!  Project LINC is underway, and we have moved from the planning phase to the implementation phase! What is Project LINC?  LINC stands for Learning in Neighborhood Communities. Currently, Monett Elementary averages about 650 students in grades preschool through second grade each year.  Grades kindergarten through second grade are housed in threeseparate wings of the school.  Preschool is currently housed in the wing with 1st grade,although the classes are not all close to one another.  Through Project LINC, the classroom will be reconfigured to create three small “neighborhoods or communities”within one large school building. 
     Why would we want to change something that seems to be working fine?  It’s true, that the way our school is currently configured seems to be working “fine.”  But what if we could change some things that made learning opportunities better for students? What if we could tweak what we know as the “norm” and go from “good to great”? What if we had a system that created more personalized learning opportunities for all students?  In a nutshell, this is the goal for Project LINC!  Each wing of the school will house a PK 2nd grade “community” that will function similar to a smaller neighborhood school on a daily basis but will also enjoy the opportunities afforded by being part of a larger community as well. 
Challenges experienced in current configuration:
  • Although students are in close proximity with their grade level peers, they still don’t know or develop relationships with all of them because there are about 180 students per grade in each wing.
  • Although all grade level teachers are in the same wing, they don’t know every student in their grade level by name.
  • It’s difficult for older students to engage in peer tutoring and modeling for younger students because of the physical distance and time lost in transitions.
  • It’s difficult for teachers in different grade levels to learn from one another and share materials to meet personalized goals for students because of physical distance and schedules.
  • Students don’t know any of the teachers in the grade level they are moving to because they have no opportunities for interaction.
The map below displays how the classrooms would be split up, although there may be some final “tweaking” as we continue to work on this.  The following key will help you to identify grade levels:
White= preschool
Purple = kindergarten
Blue= 1st grade
Yellow = 2nd grade
Red=Adult Learning Labs
Pink=Special Education
Speech therapy and the focus room will be located centrally.
ELL teachers will each be assigned one hallway and will work from a shared office space.
Art and music will both be relocated and will be centrally located.

Some of the expected benefits of reconfiguring our current classrooms include the following:
  • Increased family atmosphere/relationship building
  • Reduced beginning-of-year anxiety in children/parents
  • Reduced transitions for students (annual and daily)
  • Increased knowledge of students academic levels by teachers
  • Opportunity for vertical interventions/enrichments leading to increased personalization
  • Increased vertical collaborations-enhanced teacher knowledge of curriculum for personalization in instruction
  • Less confusion for parent pick-up/won’t change yearly
  • Students/teachers/parents increased familiarity with teachers in all grades
  • Students will always know at least 1/3 of the students in their class each year 
According to research, the recommended school size for creating the most effective learning environment in elementary grades is 300-400 students total, 1/2  to 2/3  of our current school size.  While there has not been as much research done on school size for elementary grades as there has been for secondary schools, a combination of research conducted has shown the following:
  • Achievement at least equal to, if not better than, large schools (especially for minority and low-income students)
  • Better student attitudes toward school
  • Lower incidences of negative behaviors
  • Better teacher/administrator attitudes
  • More effective collaboration between teachers
  • Better communication between staff/parents
  • Less adversarial politics
While any change embodies inherent risks, and we are sure there will be some unknown challenges that will need to be addressed, we believe that the benefits to this structure will outweigh any risks involved and that we have taken adequate measures to address and solve as many of these challenges that we can ahead of time; however, we DO want your feedback, and there will be multiple opportunities for you to be involved as we continue to develop this transition process.  The MES Parent Advisory Group has met with administration and created a plan for communicating with families and other stakeholders that includes multiple community forums in English and Spanish throughout the summer, a letter of explanation to all current families of MES, information added to the school website, information on social media, and feedback forums after the 1st quarter of next year.

Check the MES website page and MES Facebook page in the near future for dates and times for our summer informational forums.   You can find these sites at the following links:   
Students of the Week 5-16-16
Safe minded students were selected on May 16, 2016 to be named Students of the Week at Monett Elementary. 
The following were honored:

 Front row- Jayden Parks, Ashley Moncada, Emberlyn Perry

Back row- Rodrigo Garcia, Kenlie Gaarder, Cesar Gonzalez, and Sophia Soriano

Absent from photo: Alexandria Uluan and Gabriella Sanchez.


Students of the Week 5-9-16
Safe minded students were selected on May 9, 2016 to be named Students of the Week at Monett Elementary. The following were honored:

 Front row: Allison Alberto, McKenzi Waterman, and Jamen Thomas

Back row: Cameron Ash, Michael Diaz, Lizeth Ramirez, and Aiden Cavnar

Absent from photo: Adrian Obregon.

Monett Girls Youth Volleyball Camp Dates Set:
Who:    3rd and 4th Grade Girls
Where:  MHS         
Cost:  $30.00
Monday, June 27th:       Serving and Passing:   8:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.
Tuesday, June 28th:      Setting and Hitting:       8:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.
Wednesday, June 29th: Games and Awards:     8:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.
Contact: Coach Dalton (jdalton@monettschools.org)
Cubs Basketball Camp Scheduled:

Monett Cubs Elementary Basketball Camp
June 1st-3rd (Wed-Fri)
K-2 grades: 
12 - 1 p.m.
At Monett Elementary Gym    
Click to view flier for additional information:

Pre-register for the camp by contacting Coach Land at jland@monettschools.org w/ your child's name, grade, & t-shirt size.
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Grade Levels: Pre-K - 2nd
Susie Gasser, Principal (sgasser@g-apps.monett.k12.mo.us)
Sarah Garner, Asst. Principal (sgarner@g-apps.monett.k12.mo.us)
601 Learning Lane  
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